Will Clarke - U Take Me Higher

Release Date: Jan 31, 2020

Record Label: All We Have Is Now

Will Clarke is back with his signature kicks pounding through the speakers in his new track "U Take Me Higher". This beat knocks! I'm a big fan of Will Clarke, and how his sound really shows through on this track. It's a great song to get lost in the sauce in and just lose track of time.

"U Take Me Higher" starts with the beat thumpin', but drops it out to get really nice and intimate with the vocals and rising synths. Then, the kick comes smacking back in once that drop hits and the whole thing comes together perfectly. There's a lot going on that isn't as noticable and requires a couple listens through to really catch all the harmonizing going on, which I know Will Clarke loves to play around with after his "Deisgns For You" remix for the Phantoms. All in all, this is another dance floor smasher from one of my favorites.

Go bang out "U Take Me Higher" by Will Clarke on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/0Q2FJhU3kiqQEIKJy0HoVB?si=N9-oOI6nR6iTCNaZKz9g9Q