Valentino Khan - House Party

Release Date: Aug 9, 2019

Record Label: Mad Decent

There is so much to love with Valentino Khan leading up to this EP. First he teased us with some heaters from it in the month leading up like "JustYourSoul" with Diplo and "Better" with Wuki and Roxanna. And, who can forget about the single "Pony" he made solo and then created a wild video for (find it on YouTube here: All of these songs indicated how the rest of the EP would sound.

"Sexy House Music" is what he calls his style of bounce house, and if we're being honest with ourselves it is very sexy. The first track with Chris Lorenzo, "Flip The Switch" is a fire tune, but "What's Your Name" and "BRB" both stand up with the rest of the tracks to round out Khan's first complete project in the past couple of years.

Maybe, the best part about this whole EP was the marketing and PR he did for the release party. The "Modelo Time Foo" king was recorded picking up shopping supplies for his party, and was in true form. Grabbing everything under the sun including a full cart and then some of his favorite Modelo beers. He then showed a bounce house the next day and proceeded to throw a temper-tantrum in it. As a side note, I don't know why I thought it was so funny but I couldn't stop watching and laughing. But wait, there's even more.

The day of or before his EP release party he "found out [he] has 100 more tickets because the wrestling ring isn't as big as they thought it would be." Knowing he is a huge WWE fan my mind started racing as to what this meant and just kind of assumed the stage would be styled like a wrestling ring. I was so so wrong. He put a wrestling ring directly where the crowd would've been in front of his stage so he had the best view of the semi-professional "WWE-styled" wrestlers he hired to perform while he was playing. Watching the videos he posted that night to his instagram story reminded me that no matter how big you get that you need to stay true to yourself. He is a kid at heart, and he loves what he loves.

Overall, this EP and release party go down as one for the books. I wish I could've flown out just for the release party, but at least I know that Valentino Khan is a true living legend.

You can check out his "House Party" EP on Spotify here:

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