Two Friends x Kid Quill x New Beat Fund - No Drama

Release Date: Jan 31, 2020

Record Label: Lowly

There were so many good new tracks that came out yesterday and "No Drama" stuck out as one of my favorites for sure. This tune is a great mood to go into February with. Two Friends are always putting out super vibey tracks to jam out to and this one is no different. I'm not familiar with Kid Quill or New Beat Fund, but that's what is fun with collaborations. It brings together people you would never have seen or heard of before.

This crew combined for an extremely summer anthem like record. "No Drama" will be played at every pool party I have the AUX on for sure. I love the chill drums to the almost future bass like pack it goes to with in the chorus. The vocals are great and the "ouuuu"'s are on point! This one is going to be on our playlists for a long time this summer.

Check out "No Drama" on Spotify here:

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