Two Friends - Big Booty Mix, Vol. 13

Welcome back to another banger of the week mix! This weeks mix is by two guys out of California. TWO MF FRIENDS! These guys are absolute clowns and I've been a huge fan ever since I started listening to the "Big Booty Mixes" they have been putting together.

This mix is perfect for house parties, and if someone there doesn't like EDM and starts to complain, f*ck 'em and let the Big Booty Mix play. This mix can really be played with any party crowd. From current and past popular songs, to funny movie lyrics, house vibes and even some wubs the Big Booty Mix has it all! Much like a mash up mix you"ll hear some popular songs played over some of the best EDM beats, as well as pure gold dance music.

Listen to this Big Booty Mix here: