Sub Focus x Wilkinson - Illuminate

Release Date: Sep 13, 2019

Record Label: Virgin EMI Records

Oh boy, oh boy, do I love me some good ol' D&B every once in a while. Sub Focus and Wilkinson are both heavy weights in this ring, and with "Illuminate" it's no different. This song really ramps up quickly after the intro, and gets right into the jam worthy chorus which is insanely catchy. This is one of those songs that'll keep playing in your head all day long if you give it a couple listens.

D&B is a great genre when working out or just needing some background music while in "imma f*ck this sh*t up" mode, no matter what it is. I've yet to see Sub Focus or Wilkinson, but Noisia throws down a sick D&B set I know for a fact. The genre is very much still alive, and it's refreshing when some D&B sneaks it's way into a house set or even a heavy bass set. It ramps up the BPM's and gets everyone bouncing without a doubt.

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