Sofi Tukker - Purple Hat

Release Date: Sep 6, 2019

Record Label: Ultra Records

This song is incredibly infectious, and makes you just want to dance like crazy. The bassline and guitar riff combined with the repetitive lyrics create a really unique vibe. I love the way this song jams. This New York-based duo has been killing the game the past year and a half and is getting more and more recognition everyday.

The rest of this post I found in an article by Alison Story who writes for Flood Magazine. Story wrote that this song is off the duo's upcoming EP Dancing On The People. Sofi Tukker told Story, “We wrote ‘Purple Hat’ the day after our first Animal Talk party,” the band shares of the song. “We started throwing these parties to bring back the wild and inclusive dancing vibe to the nightclub experience. Tuck was literally wearing a purple hat and a cheetah print shirt, people were climbing on top of people, it was over sold out and sweaty, our favorite people were packed in the booth, everyone was loose AF and feeling themselves. It was wild. Every Animal Talk party since then has been like that, and we wanted to capture that raw feeling in a song. If there was a song that included everything we are about, this would be the one.”

The vibes are truly captured in this groovy tune. "Purple Hat" should be played at every house party country wide this fall. Sofi Tukker provided a hit for people to get down to, and I can't wait for the rest of the EP.

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