SIDEPIECE - Make You Wanna

Release Date: Sep 20, 2019

Record Label: IN / ROTATION

Party Favor and Nitti Gritti have teamed up to create SIDEPIECE, their collaborative project which debuted on the IN / ROTATION record label through Insomniac Records. The song is house AF (sorry, not sorry). It has a great punch in the kick which really makes you feel this one. Sometimes, overly repetitive vocals can be a bit too much for me. They either come off as corny or gimmicky, but I don't get that with this track. "Wanna See You" is coming close to treading that line for me, but the duo definitely used the vocals tastefully, and not too much making the vocals take over the song entirely.

I'm sure I'll be hearing this one nearly every weekend at some club around the Denver area. SIDEPIECE absolutely smashed their first release, and this tune will be tearing up the dancefloors this fall all over the country. I couldn't be happier with this release, and can't wait for more music from the newly formed duo. (So new, they don't even have official press release photos yet, and the one they have been using they ripped from Billboard Magazine. It's the one below.)

Party Favor (left) and Nitti Gritti (right)

You can listen to the new pairings "SIDEPIECE" project debut single "Wanna See You" on Spotify here:

or on SoundCloud here: