Riot Ten - Lost Your Mind

Release Date: Feb 25, 2020

Record Label: Dim Mak Records

Riot Ten took a risk and released some insanely fire house last Tuesday. The track "Lost Your Mind" I had heard teased on his socials and I was waiting for the golden day. I love when artists are willing to put out something they believe in, even though it may not be perfectly in line with the majority of their fan base. Riot Ten should keep making house on the side, because it's really really good honestly. I know his fans will always want to break their necks at his shows and he's an incredible bass producer, but it's refreshing to know producers don't have to be locked into one sound.

"Lost Your Mind" is a heavy a** house tune. The vocals work perfectly throughout the song, and I love absolutely am in love with the drops. The second drop brings the beat right back in, and you don't lose a step. The build up for the last drop takes me to the main stage at Ultra kind of vibe, then throws you right back into that heavy drop and gets your feet shuffling once again. The whole track is killer through and through. It may be an unpopular opinion but I'm all here for the dubstep producers take on house music trend.

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