Rezz - Nightmare On Rezz Street

Happy Halloween folks! This week's mix of the week is brought to you by our favorite space girl. Rezz released the special mix full of unreleased music that unfortunately will not have any specific ID's to it. Most of the music heard on this are all tunes she has been playing with and she hasn't released them as full songs. It's unfortunate we will not get to see some of these full songs because there are several heaters in this mix!

Either way, we only found it fitting we publish this mix because of the holiday season! It's spookin season so enjoy the Nightmare on Rezz Street and of you haven't, check out the music video on YouTube! Oh my, she made a trippy video. Have a great weekend folks, cheers!

The full video and audio can be found on Youtube here:

Check it out on SoundCloud here:

She also put this mix on Spotify, and you can find that one here: