Redondo x Bolier - Deeper

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Release Date: Jun 10, 2019

Record Label: Spinnin' Deep

I swear its songs like this that give me life. Seriously, this song is *HUUUUUUGE* (insert Donald Trump voice). I feel like this song isn't anything special and then I listen to it over and over and every time the bass comes kickin' my stank face grows. Both Redondo and Bolier have been on my radar for at least the past year, so when I saw both their names together on this track I was ready for the fire vibes.

This song is sure to get your feet moving, and head bobbing in no time. This song will be a great addition to club set to get the mood right for the night. I love this collaboration and wouldn't mind more coming from them together.

Go vibe out to "Deeper" by Redondo and Bolier on Spotify here:

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