Rebecca & Fiona - Fet House Mode

Release Date: Mar 20, 2020

Record Label: Big Romantic Music

This is one of those jams that hits you hard as hell every time. I feel like there's nothing too crazy about this track, but when you listen to it you just can't help but fall in love. Rebecca & Fiona have established themselves in the EDM world, but this tune brings them back into the spotlight.

"Fet House Mode" is a gorgeous house tune. The intro is a simple hi-hat, c, and kick but the vocals start to creep in and when the piano hits it really starts to build a lot energy. All of that energy goes straight into the bass-line on the drop. It's infectious and really keeps you locked into the track. Rebecca & Fiona have created one of my favorite house songs of the year, and honestly I've already listened to it over 20 times today and counting.

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