Nitti Gritti - Diplo & Friends Mix

Welcome back, this week’s mix of the week is brought to you by Nitti Gritti who performed this on Diplo and Friends! He just dropped this mix two days ago and a lot of the music he has to offer are unreleased tracks. So, just enjoy the show and don’t worry about the ID’s!

If you haven’t given Nitti Gritti a chance you by all means should! He’s a Miami based DJ, (SHOUTOUT TO THE 305) and has some pretty popular singles out there like "Crack", "Famous", and "Sick"! He hops over several different genres so you can’t stick him in just one genre of EDM. Trap, dubstep, throws some popular rap songs in there you can get down with also. Overall, just another solid mix we’re throwing at ya this week. Expect to start seeing his name on some of the undercards at festivals! Thanks for stopping by this week, cheers! 

Listen to the mix here: