Neon Steve - NRG ft. Sweetie Irie

Release Date: Dec 3, 2019

Record Label: IN / ROTATION (Insomniac Records)

Hype would be an understatement for this house banger. Neon Steve brought the heat with this release with some help from Sweetie Irie. This is one of my favorite releases from last month. It gets me juiced every time I listen to it.

The whole song is fantastic, but there are certain parts that stand out to me for sure. I think the reason I love the drop so much is because it feels so smooth, and you can easily get in groove with the baseline in no time. The baseline is probably my favorite part, and I love how the song isn't too crowded with tons of different sounds. Because of this it lets the best parts of the track shine and really put you in a trance rather than trying to do too much and confuse the listeners or throw them out of the groove.

This is one of the best house tracks released in the past couple months, and I can't get enough of it. Neon Steve was on a couple other tracks recently collaborating that I was very fond of. He's making a splash at a good time in the scene. Can't wait to see what 2020 has to bring for him.

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