Nari & Milani - Atom

Release Date: Apr 9, 2012

Record Label: SIZE Records

Throwback Thursday is serving up that special sauce this week! "Atom" is the song that really started it all for me. I didn't grow up in an area heavily influenced by EDM music so I was a little late to the party, and this is the banger that drew me in. Everything about this song is amazing, and I get chills every time I listen to it.

From start to end this song has you hooked. The buildup to start is intense and brings a ton of energy with it. The drop still is disgusting to this day. The drum rhythms that they layer while stripping most everything else out creates a really heavy rave vibe. It makes you want to get off your feet and do something, anything!

I love getting back into these older songs that brought me along my musical journey to this point. "Atom" by Nari & Milani is a legendary track in my mind, and I'm glad to feature in this weeks Throwback Thursday.

Listen to the beastly jam on Spotify here:

or this live version being played out by Swedish House Mafia at Madison Square Garden on Nari & Milani's SoundCloud page here: