Maur - Back In The 90's

Release Date: Apr 3, 2020

Record Label: iVAV Recordings

Maur released "Back In The 90's" earlier this month and this tune just keeps on giving good vibes. I've never heard of Maur before this track that I'm aware of so this song really put them on the map for me. "Back In The 90's" is a song that you can truly leave on for 20 minutes on repeat and never notice you've been listening to the same song for so long, because it's so easy to get put into a trance.

I love a good tune that makes you want to move your feet and just get away from everything going on in life. Maur has captured that spirit perfectly in this beautiful tune. 6 and a half minutes isn't long enough for this track, when it ends I feel like I need more before I come back to earth. Maur blessed us with this song, now return the favor by streaming the crap out of it, and blowing it up. I know I will be.

Get lost in the sauce listening to "Back In The 90's" on Spotify here: