Matoma - Higher (feat. Ally Brooke)

Release Date: Sep 20, 2019

Record Label: Latium/Atlantic

All I have to say is, beautiful vocals plus an insanely infectious groove equals perfection. And, That's what I'm getting here with Matoma's latest single "Higher (feat. Ally Brooke)". The bassline is amazing in the song. I love how it fades as the vocals come into play, though. This really lets the vocals shine through. Matoma's sound has been gradually changing a bit in the past years away from what was mostly his chill beach-house vibes.

People change as they age, and I would expect their music styles and tastes to do the same with time. We cannot keep expecting our favorite DJ's to stay the same while continuing to progress. This is something I see in the scene that can be very toxic. As much as I loved the OG Marshmello sound, he's exploring new sounds, and progressing the Marshmello project rather than becoming stagnant. Also, this does mean some releases may not be your favorite from their extensive catalog of jams but that doesn't mean it's a bad song. It may just not be your style. Just some food for thought.

Regardless, "Higher" is a smash hit in my opinion for Matoma. This song will be playing on the radio waves for a while, I'm sure of it.

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