Martin Solveig x Roy Woods - Juliet & Romeo

Release Date: Dec 6, 2019

Record Label: Positiva

This song has all the vibes. The vocals chopped with the intro and that continue throughout the song get me in my feels, right away. Then, that pounding keyboard comes in and brings the groove. Don't even get me started on the lyrics. I don't know who wrote the lyrics but a tip of the cap to them. And, Roy Woods knocks them out of the park with his singing.

You know we should be dancing Tell me that you wanna go, dancing You and me in stereo, dancing Intoxicated, this is how we wanna be

You and I, we gotta keep dancing Oh yeah, sweating in the afterglow, dancing Juliet and Romeo, dancing Intoxicated, this is how we wanna be Girl, stop hiding

I'm not here to say these are the most brilliant lyrics ever, but you can't tell me that when you here Roy Woods sing this that you don't think it's pure gold. When you combine those lyrics with someone like Martin Solveig it's destined for greatness. Martin Solveig is a mad scientist in the studio, everything he touches I just want to throw on repeat all day and jam out. This is a deadly combination in the feels department, and it really puts you in a trance.

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