Lost Frequencies - Sun Is Shining (Remixes)

Release Date: Jan 10, 2020

Record Label: Found Frequencies

Lost Frequencies dropped a remix package yesterday for his "Sun Is Shining" tune. There were three absolutely fire remixes I couldn't pick between so this post is highlighting all three. In the order of the EP is goes Dave Winnel, King Arthur & Kevin Aleksander, and the last one from Oscar House. All 3 songs could've been stand alone singles and done well for each artist. Lost Frequencies definitely gives them a little bit of a bigger stage, and I'm glad I heard all of these.

Dave Winnel has been killin' it for some time now. Everything he releases I know I have to check it out right away. So, when I saw he had a remix for one of my favorite producers, Lost Frequencies, I went right to it. Dave Winnel's remix I think does the best job of keeping the original vibe, but bringing a new school club sound to it to hype it up a bit. The song is a perfect song for the Day Drinking Happy Music playlist and pretty much embodies the overall vibe of the playlist. Great vibes with some dope beats. Each remix on this EP pretty much embodied it, actually.

The King Arthur & Kevin Aleksander remix is a much deeper tech style to it. I didn't think a song with vocals as uplifting and cheery could be run with a beat like this but it slapped me silly in the best way possible. I love what they did in mellowing it out and keeping the original vibe in the intro and mid section, but then building it up and bringing the heat on the drop. I really don't have a favorite out of all of these, but I'm super glad I didn't skip over the last one just because it was a name I didn't recognize.

The Oscar House remix may be the best one of all. It would destroy any club dance floor and set peoples feet on fire. Just like the others it does have a nice slower section in the beginning and middle that bring in the feeling from the original song. I love how after the drop you feel like you're getting a second drop waiting for the hi hats to come in. It's stuff like this that gets me hype when I'm in the club. This song may be the most unique and maybe that's why it stood out to me so much. I love all 3 of these songs so much I really could't pick a favorite.

I love this EP and your favorite from it may depend on your mood at the time of listening, because they are all so good. Lost Frequencies is one of the best out there right now, and I love that he has turned me on to some incredible artists by sharing his platform with others. I love how the EDM industry can do this to help lift up each other in a music industry that is normally considered a dog eat dog world.

If you need to brighten up your day or just get down and dirty on the dance floor check out all three of these jams on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5ZrRVqcF2Pcvm3KgnkCGLb?si=hUU0rxXnRwOeS6Hqdjs69Q

or on SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/lo-freq-1/sets/sun-is-shining-remixes-1