Lil Yachty - SaintLaurentYSL feat. Lil Baby (The Martinez Brothers Re-Edit)

Release Date: Jan 30, 2019

"Re-edit", "remix", "VIP" (self-done variation in production, yes I know it's not exactly the same), etc whatever you want to call it this remix, it is absolutely fire. I don't know much about The Martinez Brothers, and I'm pretty sure I heard this on Diplo's Revolution Radio first. From what I can gather quickly from their SoundCloud they are from the Bronx in NY and specialize in house music. They have a residency at DC - 10 in Ibiza since 2011 as well. These guys seem like they are on their way to making themselves a household name, and with heaters like this on their SoundCloud I'm sure people will start to take notice.

Now, back to the song. This jam screams BIG D*CK ENERGY and I don't even know why it gets me so juiced up. I love this upbeat jump on the wave vibe that is so easy to bob your head to. Also, the original song does F***!

Ride this wave with us on SoundCloud here: