Laurent Garnier x Chambray - Feelin' Good

Release Date: Jul 12, 2019

Record Label: Rekids

Talk about getting lost in the sauce. If this song can't get you "Feelin' Good" I don't know what will. This full 8 minute mix is a killer drum filled house beat with a gorgeous hypnotic piano melody that comes in around 2 minutes. I don't know how I stumbled upon this song but it's been one of my favorites this year. "Feelin' Good" has me movin' and groovin' from start to finish.

The baseline is killer, the melody is bangin' and punchy, and it has all the small nuances that fit this vibe perfectly. The ad lib "Oh!" every once in a while was a very nice touch. To me it's the instracies that set songs apart. The melody and bassline is great, but the build ups and release are awesome with this one which really sets it apart for me. It keeps your attention and on your toes the whole way through without gimmicky overly repeated phrases.

Again, with this song I'm not familiar with either DJ. From quick webearches I've found that Laurent Garnier is from France and has been around a while! He started DJing in the late 80's and helped create the American influenced house and techno scenes in Manchester and other parts of Europe. Chambray is a much newer artist and has been making noise in Europe for the last 5 years or so. This combination led to an amazing track, and we would love to hear anything else they put together in the future.

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