Lane 8 x POLIÇA - The Rope (Le Youth Remix)

Release Date: Mar 5, 2020

Record Label: This Never Happened

This song is magical. "The Rope" was already a great Lane 8 track made with the group POLIÇA, Le Youth put his spin on it, and created a beautiful roller coaster of love. Le Youth throws an arpeggiated synth at ya right away and keeps you locked in throughout. The hi hat's are clean and have a nice bouncy rhythm, and in using the vocals throwing the voice back playing off a voice that is very much in your face was an aesthetically nice touch. I love this tune and am really glad Lane 8 put it on the remix EP.

Lane 8 has always put on some great remixes and knows talent when he sees it. He has signed tons of great tracks from artists on in label This Never Happened, and anytime something is released from them I have to check it out. I've also been lucky enough to go to one of his label's shows, where they tape your phones and escort people out who are using technology, and it's a truly unique thing to see in today's age. A special and sacred place for people to connect through music. I was a huge fan of the experience and would go back to one again if ever given the chance.

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