Laidback Luke x Ale Mora - Milkshake (Better Than Yours) (feat. Shermanology)

I don't even know where to start with this one! I love Laidback Luke's music. He's from the Netherlands and really can put on a show. I had to educate myself a little on the other artists so let me spill the beans.

Ale Mora is a from Costa Rica and has a really nice deep house vibe in some songs along with some more uplifting house vibes with some vocals in others. I listened to one of his more recent sets from his SoundCloud and it was very pleasurable listening experience. I expect to hear a lot more from him in the future. Shermanology is a Dutch brother-sister duo that specialize in funky-bass-vocal house (I'm making it a thing).

I love when big time DJ's bring in names I've never heard before and put them on showcase. They really did an excellent on this song. Bringing the old school back has never been better. Everything from the build up to the vocals throughout chiming in here and there and the bouncy deep house vibe makes you want to dance.

Check out this shuffle squad savior here: