Release Date: Apr 3, 2020

Record Label: HARD Recs

First of all, let me just say after all the anticipation surrounding this album I will 100% agree with the masses that "Brave" was worth the wait. This whole album is heat from beginning to end. "On Fire" is getting a ton of love and deservedly so. The track after the intro kicks the album off in the direction I think most of us were hoping for.

The album features a few vocal artists, but other than that it's JOYRYDE's world and we're just living in it. Even as the album gets to a chiller song in "THRILL" it still carries into it all the energy from the previous songs and it still has a "chill and rock with me" kind of feel to it. The next song, "FOCUS" seems initially it could stay in the same chill lane but takes a switch pretty quickly after Fze's verse and gets really heavy quickly. "ARTERIES" also goes more into a chill out heater, but after that it's intense music until the end. "DAMN", "4AM", "BROOKLYN", "FAIL ME" are all notable songs that stuck out to me above the others, but seriously this whole album is insane front to back.

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