Joel Corry - Sorry

Release Date: Apr 5, 2019

Record Label: Perfect Havoc

This song is one of my favorites from 2019! I love the line "'s provocative, it gets the people going!" from Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory and it really resonates with this song. Joel Corry has been blowing up in the EDM world the past year and "Sorry" really started to set it off to a whole new level.

All parts of this song is incredible, but the intro really sets the mood of the song perfectly and locks you in from beginning to end. It's catchy from the start with some quality vocals and bringing in the piano keys really set the vibe. The drop gets me every time! He pairs the glorious drop with what seems like the middle of the lyrical verse but then it loops creating the chorus, and a damn catchy one at that. The chorus goes:

I can see my whole world changing,

There's no need to live if I can't be with you

What I did was wrong I'm sorry

I didn't know how much I really missed you

and I can say it really does hit you in the feels every time. This is one of those scream it out on the drive home from work kind of vibes. I get caught up singing every time I play it, because it's so infectious.

Joel Corry had some other really great remixes from 2019, but I'm going to say I still think this was his best release. I'm sure he will be creating more masterpieces in the future and, trust me, we are here for them.

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