Joel Corry - Lonely ft. Harlee

Release Date: Jan 24, 2020

Record Label: Atlantic Records UK

Holy balls, I've been resisting writing this as long as possible (it's only been out for 10 days), but it's been too long already. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MOTHERF*CKIN' MUCH! I don't care how pop forward this one is in terms of the whole EDM world. This house tune bops and you can't change my mind. "Sorry" was one of my favorite songs from 2019 and Joel Corry is already killing 2020.

"Lonely" was just the "Tune Of The Weekend" on BBC Radio 1 in the UK and there's a damn good reason why. There's a lot to love about this tune. The vocals are on point, Harlee killed them, and lyrically I'm in love. The song is so relatable, and it really adds to the whole vibe of the track. I have listened to "Lonely" probably over 50 times already since it's been out and it hasn't even started to get old yet! Joel Corry hit the jackpot with this one for sure.

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