Imanbek x Martin Jensen - I'm Just Feelin' (Du Du Du)

Release Date: May 1, 2020

Record Label: B1 Recordings

Talk about a catchy as hell type of song! This tune is ready to blow up the radio waves. Imanbek and Martin Jensen have both been making some major moves in the past year or so, and it's cool to see them team up for this feel good anthem. "I'm Just Feelin' (Du Du Du)" is the kind of song that when it's played at a party you either want to get out into the crowd and dance or just vibe with your crew in a dark corner somewhere.

The track has an airy darkness to it, but keeps it light with the vocal "du du du"'s that make it very playable over streaming and radio waves. I expect this track to blow up a bit, just because it's so infectious once you hear it. Martin Jensen and Imanbek may have something special with "I'm Just Feelin' (Du Du Du)" and I hope to see it take off.

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