Hook N Sling - Superstars (feat. The Loose Cannons)

Release Date: Sep 6, 2019

Record Label: Spinnin' Records

Hook N Sling provides the jams and we're just here loving it. Anthony Maniscalco is an Australian producer who goes by the stage name Hook N Sling. He has a unique and almost easily recognizable sound. If I heard this song without knowing who it was produced by he definitely would've been on the shortlist of guesses. The creativeness within his tracks I think is what makes them so special.

"Superstars" is a remake of The Loose Cannons song from 2004. Hook N Sling's version of the track takes you all over the place, but in general you'll probably want to dance or bob your head. The Loose Cannons original mix is very slow and methodical. Hook N Sling brings it to the present day house music feel. The song takes from the bassline of the original tune as well as the vocals, but once you hit the "Surprise!" before the drop you know it's about to get funky.

Overall, this song just jams, and gives you all the feel good vibes you need. It has been getting me out of bed, and ready to be a "Superstar" every morning since its release! This song best way to start my mornings, right meow.

You can find the newly released Hook N Sling version on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/51REYQuyjvjEKrUj9rISbQ?si=-UUWS936TQKC-6YiNS0iEw

You can also find The Loose Cannons original version of "Superstars" on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/1Ipzo1UE0Wo8JNgRWlGGcB?si=5o2ZyPakTYCPR-f6WW-mDw