Holy Goof - Cast #003

Sorry for the delay, but do we have a sick a** featured mix this week! If you haven't heard of this guy right now you're either hiding under a rock you're not listening to our playlists long enough. Ladies...gents...no bullshit, check this mix out! Holy Goof is on the up and coming will be putting the house music scene in a blender and fucking it all up. Banger after banger this guy has released and his in no sign of slowing down!! His bootleg of Drake’s God’s Plan is one of his notorious remixes! Sit back, get up and shuffle, whatever floats your boat. This mix is sure to bring nothing but joy to anybody that is an admirer of house music! If you haven't checked out this man’s latest album, after the mix of course, go spin that shit!

Jam out to this mix at SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/holygoof_uk/holy-goof-cast-003

Side note, he also just dropped a heater on Jauz's latest album. The song is called "Back Again" and is a sure fire club banger. Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/jauzofficial/back-again-jauz-holy-goof