Excision - Lost Lands 2018 Mix

Ayyy! How are ya? You’re in store for a good one this week with Excision releasing his Lost Lands set on Thursday night! This is an absolute gem for you guys! Most of the mix’s people release are on SoundCloud so I was caught off guard to see he released on Spotify instead.

Excision sits on the top of the mountain when it comes to headbangers, and is about as heavy as it gets. If you haven’t heard of him well you’ve kind of been living in the mountains with no music. Nonetheless, my headbangers, my wooks, my degenerates... this one's for you. Have a wonky day, enjoy the vibes, and keep your necks in one please. Also, by reading this you have consented that we are not liable for any damages that happen to you, your car, or any material in your home that you may break while listening to this mix. With that being said, have a great weekend ladies and gents.

Side note, but important: It’s Veterans Day Sunday so go out and thank someone that has served. Cheers. 

Listen to the mix on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/1YtrSuZeYGM9I1AMYJAfUq?si=l5MMl-usT_2Pz50PZ3KD_Q