Elderbrook - Old Friend (MK Remix)

What is better than an MK extended remix? nothing. Absolutely nothing... well right now at least. This vibe has got me going through this whole night. Anything Marc Kinchen touches is gold in my book, and this is a prime example of that. Elderbrook's original was honestly awesome and this remix just took it to the next level.

If you love yourself some good ol' house vibes this song will do you justice. The back and forth quick piano keys gets me with this one. With house music for me it's something about the way some songs hit your soul and make you feel the need to move. This one make me want to bob around in a club looking for a honey to take home. Great tune, great DJ's, and the best vibes possible. (Sorry for the cliche but it's the truth)

Check this out this remix on SoundCloud here:https://soundcloud.com/elderbrook/old-friend-mk-remix-1

and on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/3UBNLoIpU14jO3x4in0TYe?si=USmn4BQcS2mu5lKdEjGK_A