Duck Sauce - Smiley Face

Release Date: Jan 31, 2020

Record Label: Self Released

You can't not smile while listening to this tune. It's literally not possible. Duck Sauce is back and I'm F*&#^@! losing my mind over it. I had to cop a ticket to catch their show at Coachella right away when I saw they were on the bill. I'm stoked to see A-Trak and Armand Van Helden back at it with their iconic duo.

Quack was an incredible album and I still love blaring it through the speakers on a long road trip to get the vibes up and pumping. I love me some feel good music and that's what Duck Sauce is to me. They deliver the best vibes possible in an extremely eclectic style of house music.

Smiley Face is incredibly infectious and will get your smile cheek to cheek in no time. I love everything about the way this track grooves from the vocals to the incredibly catchy bass-line. I wish this song went on forever or at least hope I get an our of this flavor when I see my guys in SoCal in a couple months.

Listen to "Smiley Face" by Duck Sauce on Spotify here:

or on SoundCloud here:

PS there is an extended version of the song on SoundCloud, and you can find that 7 minute version here: