DOLF x Green Tree - Family Affair ft. LexBlaze

Release Date: Nov 15, 2019

Record Label: Barong Family

A homie asked me for some fire house music to add to his set potentially and this song made that list. I could've put a ton of music from Barong's recent releases but this one stuck out the most to me. "Family Affair" is definitely going to give you stank face at some point during the tune. It's straight up disgusting as soon as the bass-line hits and LexBlaze goes in over the beat.

From start to finish this track is really nice, in the best way possible. I love banging this one out in the car and going wild. The bass just keeps you going from start to finish, and makes this an incredibly fire club tune. DOLF and Green Tree did a great job of not doing too much while LexBlaze is laying down the vocals, and really let his voice stand out like it should. Go add this to any set-list and watch the crowd lose their sh*t.

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