DJ Hanzel - One Deeper Livestreams

Dates Live Streamed: Mar 28, 2020 and Apr 10, 2020

Dillon Francis, along with a lot of EDM producers, are hosting weekly live streams during this quarantine. He took on his alias DJ name of DJ Hanzel to deliver a couple of very cool sets. DJ Henzel is very into deep house and making sure every tune is as deep as possible. The track lists are awesome, but noticeably there are some IDs by DJ Hanzel that I'm interested in seeing if Dillon Francis ever releases them or holds onto them to keep DJ Hanzel shows the "deepest" shows possible.

DJ Hanzel isn't doing these weekly, but they have been biweekly so far. Dillon Francis has some other streams during the week worth check out. One with Diplo called "Coronight Fever", one with Gerald called "Hump Day Heaters with Gerald", and a Taco Tuesday night with Dillon Francis surrounding Moombahton music which is where Dillon Francis really broke through to the scene. These DJ Hanzel sets are some of my favorite all time though!

Watch the recorded version of the "One Deeper 001" stream on YouTube here:

or watch the "One Deeper 002" stream here: