David Guetta x Showtek - Your Love

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Two EDM powerhouse DJs put together this masterpiece of pure rave vibes. The song makes you want to bounce right out of your seat and into dance (in fact while writing this I saw a couple people at the bar see me unconsciously bouncing in my seat to this song). The vocals are tuned up and fit the rave feels. The song brings me back to an earlier EDM sound, but one that is not played out at all in this uplifting track.

This song perfectly represents what the Day Drinking Happy Music playlist started as. As it develops, although admittedly, I go through phases and you may even notice that in the selection of added songs in clusters around each other. The spirit remains the same throughout though. Songs I just want to bang out at a day drinking party with 20 of my best friends.

Listen to the track on SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/davidguetta/david-guetta-showtek-your-love