Botnek - Gamma Jack

Release Date: Mar 13, 2020

Record Label: World Famous Headquarters

This track is a whole vibe! I love what Botnek has done in the past, and I feel like this is a really cool direction for them to keep heading in (if they choose to). They released this one on their own label, World Famous Headquarters. Botnek created a really cool organic sounding song in "Gamma Jack", and it's probably mostly due to the horns throughout it.

"Gamma Jack" puts me in the perfect headspace to start my day! It's got a groovy bass line, and the horns really set it off for me. This song should be played by a marching band, and I could only imagine how funky it would sound! Everything about this tune makes me smile from ear to ear, and I like that it's just a 5 minute track and gives you a lot of time to rock with this beat.

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