Born Dirty - Alpha Omega

Release Date: Jan 31, 2020

Record Label: Insomniac Records

"Oh my God!" this is a slapper from Born Dirty. This song brings such a crazy energy with it that it's impossible not to get lost in the sauce to it. I have been a huge fan of Born Dirty and his willingness to try new sounds and really branch out to be creative. "Alpha Omega" is a prime example of him paving his own way.

I'm pretty sure the first time I heard this song I jumped out of my seat on the drop, because I could already feel the hype building and new it was going to be a banger. Everything about the track just seems right. The soft vocals and xylophone / bell sounds seem to play off each other flawlessly, and the bass-line and beat keeps it kickin' the whole way through.

I'm absolutely in love with this tune, and was extremely upset that I was on vacation when Born Dirty and Wax Motif came through Denver to Temple. Hopefully I'll be able to catch this song played out at some festival this summer or a randomly in a club set. I'm going to lose my sh*t when and if that happens, without a doubt.

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