Borgore x ETC!ETC! x SNC - Ratatata

Release Date: Mar 17, 2020

Record Label: Buygore

Holy sh*t I can't believe I slept on this song for a whole 3 days. This song is a certified banger! It's easily making our "Going Hard In The Motherf*ckin' Paint" playlist. Borgore is known for this kind of madness, and when I saw ETC!ETC! on the track as well I got really excited for what was to come. I wasn't familiar with SNC (formerly Styles&Complete) before this track, but I am well aware now!

With the artists on this track you knew going in that it's going to be a slapper, but you get a false sense of confidence that the first drop is the tone for the tune. When in reality, right around the minute mark the song takes a crazy turn and gets heavy as sh*t! I love jams like "Ratatata" that take unsuspecting turns and really catch you off-guard at times. Borgore, ETC!ETC!, and SNC really threw down on this one and I hope festival season still makes an appearance this summer so I can heard this banged out through some insane speakers.

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