Bombox Cartel - Máquina

Release Date: Mar 20, 2020

Record Label: Boombox Cartel

For this "Sunday Funday" we're going hard in the paint once again, but this time with some new Boombox Cartel. "Máquina" is a super cool tune that has some great transitions and really changes up each drop. Boombox Cartel has a unique ability to create songs like this that take you on a journey.

"Máquina" is one of those songs that can cause so many different reactions on the drop. The intro creates a boatload of energy, and so once you hear the filth you really don't know whether to freak out, head-bang, or run through a wall. All I know is my bass face came out in full force. The song then mellows out and eventually comes in for the second drop. Only this time, it's much more uplifting with the synths and just gives you an overwhelming good feeling. It's a rollercoaster of emotions for just a 3 minute song, but it's what I love about Boombox Cartel's style.

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