BIJOU x Dr. Fresch - Get Back

Release Date: Nov 29, 2019

Record Label: Confession

Holy sh*t. Incoming bomb here! BIJOU and Dr. Fresch have the friendliest of G-House rivalries and I'm here for it. They are both incredible producers, and have incredible shows. I would love for them to do an EP together, because if this song is any indicator of what it would be like, then hot damn, it might just be the best EP of the year.

"Get Back" is strong from the beginning. It makes you want to get down and grimey on the dance floor, and one of those songs that gives you stank face the whole time. It's an infectious song not in the traditional way I think of by using cool chord and melody combinations, but the bass-line just keeps you hooked the whole time. BIJOU and Dr. Fresch are onto something with this one, and I'm hoping to hear many more collaborations from them in 2020.

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