Bassboy - La La La (ft. Clarity)

Sometimes a song hits you just right and you almost nut instantly. On the first drop to this song you are waiting for that bouncy cymbal to come into play and as soon as it does Bassboy hits you with a "Not yet" ad-lib and holds it off for a couple more loops before thank. It seriously is the goofy sh*t like this that DJ's do that gets me sometimes. He knows it's about to get it hype as f*ck and keep the people waiting for the nasty a** drop.

This song makes me want to f*ck up the club in all types of ways. Add this song to your work out, long distance drive, or even a party pregame playlist to get yourself going and ready to kick a**! May I also add I love the comic book feels of the track cover. "La La La" is sure to fill up clubs soon, and Bassboy absolutely smashed this one.

Check it out here: