Axel Boy - One Night Stand

Release Date: May 14, 2020

Record Label: Self Released

This may be my favorite Axel Boy track ever! "One Night Stand" has ALL the energy! Axel Boy has been blowing up the past couple of years with tracks on tons of different labels, but this one is a self release. He took it into his own hands with this tune, and it came out amazingly. If any labels slept on this and turned it down I'd be disappointed with myself if I were them. "One Night Stand" is a sure fire heater, and will be ripping up the streaming and radio waves.

It has everything you need in a quality bass house banger. Axel Boy seems to have a knack for making an already sick drop into another sicker style midway through the chorus. It really turns up the energy without losing it into the break of the song. I love the way he writes and creates truly unique songs. Axel Boy has festival main-stage talent for sure, and I can't wait for him to prove so once these festivals are back up and running.

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