AC Slater - Live @ Night Bass (The Cookout Episode 106 SiriusXM)

Alright welcome back, this week we have one our favorite names to see on a card who doesn't need to be a headliner but is a perfect fill in the early afternoons of a festival! AC Slater ladies and gentleman who is an OG in the house community. This is actually one of his sets he did at Night Bass so I hope you don't mind hearing some of the crowd noise in the background. He doesn't talk much through the mic either which is nice! Every now and then you'll hear a chant from a crowd but you can relate as he is playing some bangers!

I consistently found myself tapping my leg in a rhythm throughout this mix! He really knows how to carry the vibe and his transitions are flawless. Enjoy this week's mix of the week and thanks for checking in! 

Listen to the mix here: