AC Slater - Free Your Soul

Release Date: Mar 8, 2019

Record Label: Night Bass Records

Where do I even start with this one! AC Slater is always murdering anything he touches. 100%, go out of your way to see this man live, it is a treat! All 3 songs on this EP give me all the best feels I need in life.

"Free Your Soul" is a nice a** wavey vibe that I just want to rock to in the club, and then "IFU" comes on and it makes you want to start to bounce around and get a little more rowdy. When the first drop in "IFU" hits it really makes you want to lose your sh*t a little more. Finally, "Step Back" really brings the UK bass house feels and it's a perfect cap on the EP. Everything about this EP makes me happy, and there's not many better feelings than that when your listening to music.

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