A-Trak - DJs Gotta Dance More (Feat. Todd Terry)

A-Trak released this heater a week ago with one of his idols, Terry Todd a New York house music legend. This song makes you want to dance as much as the next person. You play this song in a room full of bodies they will be grooving in no time. Seriously this is one of those throwback vibes that makes you want to jump out of your seat.

Fool's Gold released this record and I'm sure it been banging around the country since then. Honestly though, this is the song description on SoundCloud so I'll let the originators take it from here, "A-Trak teams up with New York house legend Todd Terry for the new single "DJs Gotta Dance More”: an ode to record-digging and bedroom beatmaking, driven by the OG’s gravelly voice. It's the first ever collaboration between the pioneering Terry (responsible for three decades of club classics from Jungle Brothers' "I'll House You" to iconic remixes for Everything But The Girl, Bjork and Daft Punk) and his spiritual godson A-Trak, who's spent a career bringing the worlds of hip-hop and house music together with multiplatinum, Grammy-nominated projects and his scene-building Fool's Gold label. Together, their soulful, delicate earworm is a statement of purpose for fans and fellow artists around the globe to keep pushing art forward."

Listen to the track here: https://soundcloud.com/a-trak/djs-gotta-dance-more-feat-todd-terry