Featured Songs

These songs are not necessarily new releases but Are songs that We're Currently into for whatever reason.

The EDM landscape is always changing. Stay up to date hearing the latest releases with our "DAT NEW NEW" Playlist. Featuring songs exclusively from the last 2 weeks the playlist is full of festival bangers and shuffle anthems.

BillBoard Magazine has one so we do too. Our Hot 100 Playlist keeps the hottest tracks thriving, and pushes some to the top you may not expect or have heard before. This  is the Playlist That is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

This blog started as a way to highlight some of the music we were already curating into our Personal playlists and is dedicated to those who love all styles of EDM Music.


All genres of EDM will be included in this blog, and we're here to show love and support for the artists. We won't be slamming anything, instead if we don't like a song you'll just never hear about it from us.


Each playlist is actively updated and can keep you in the loop of some of the best and freshest EDM music.